Who is graham bunn dating

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Last night, "Bachelor In Paradise" fans watched as Graham Bunn learned that his new girlfriend on the show, Ash Lee Frazier, has a dark side.

It was a revelation that forever changed the way he viewed her."Ash Lee's one of the most beautiful girls I've ever had the pleasure of dating," he told ABC News.

, where the abs are tight and the morals are loose (except, of course, for Marquel who doesn’t kiss on the first date).

In the wake of last week’s excitement, in which a production assistant wound up in the hospital in order to avoid being seen in public with one of the contestants, Ben stormed out because he had a girlfriend, and then Dylan warned Elise he would refuse her rose and then did, there’s no way this week can match the level of savoir WTF-ness, where even the producers have given up pretending that this show is anything but a two-hour disaster. They will undoubtedly make very smart choices.: New Blood: Danielle, who was dismissed from Juan Pablo's series, arrives on the scene with date card in hand.

Then they strip down to their swimsuits because it seems increasingly clear that contestants are contractually obligated to wear swimsuits on camera on each date.

Danielle confesses that she came on the show hoping to hang out with him.

Elise and Chris: Elise is given her first one-on-one date card and she chooses Chris, because she apparently has a thing for men who look like Sam the Eagle drenched in Axe body spray who have no qualms about taking sloppy seconds at Rose Ceremonies.

“My point of going on the show was actually to meet him — there was no ulterior motive,” Frazier says in our exclusive celebrity interview.

“My goal was to get to know him and see what could come out of that.” Sources close to us say that, while she stays in paradise until the end, going home in love was not in the cards for the DIY guru.

The wedding was set for May 9, 2009, but they broke up in November 2008.

Jason Mesnick was later chosen as the bachelor in the thirteenth season of The Bachelor, with Pappas made a surprise appearance in that finale.

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