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Stage invasions and long distance forays into the crowd for singer Luke Reilly continue to be a hallmark of their riotous sets with The Guardian picking them as one of their overall festival highlights from Reading and Leeds.

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We’ve been listening to a ton of new music; Irish bands like Thumper, Raglans and All Tvvins have been putting out killer tunes lately and we’ve been playing the latest tracks from Black Honey and Estrons in the van a lot. Summer’s gonna be an absolute riot; we’re playing our first shows in France, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic and Serbia alongside heaps of festivals in the UK (Reading & Leeds was our first ever UK show so we can’t wait to get back), the Netherlands and Ireland. What was the first gig you ever played, and what’s been the best so far?

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With the unusual nature of the basic otherkin premises, there has been skepticism directed at it along with the proposal that many people adopt the otherkin identity to justify social difficulties - the outcast syndrome - or because they have a delusion and are in denial about their biological humanity.

It’s a common misconception that all furries have or want a fursuit.Otherkin are those who believe that their physical forms do not define or fully encompass their mental states, personality, psychology, or spiritual nature.First appearing in use on the Internet on April 18, 1990, the word was coined when a member of The Elfinkind Digest, Torin, "got tired of typing elf/dragon/orc/etc.-kin and just used otherkin" as shorthand.Now the Dublin band have revealed the video for their track 'Bad Advice' which you can watch first via While we were on tour we had a lot of The Amazons, The Pale White, Yak and Gorillaz on rotation on the van stereo.All of them are releasing seriously exciting music at the moment. We're dead excited to be getting this video out there, director Finn Keenan did an amazing job on it.

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