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Occasionally when you attempt to play a MOV video file using the Apple Quick Time player, you get an error message.

The message is "Error 2048: cannot open the file since it's not a file that Quick Time understands".

Although Macs and i Tunes both come from the same company, they may still run into errors.

Some of the most common errors include: • Videos Unable to Play • i Tunes won't open • Podcasts Not Playing • Music not Playing/Quick Time Crashing • Playback Language Changes Of course, some of these problems might not be exclusive to i Tunes and Quick Time, but there may be a Quick Time error that fixes each of these problems. If you have a Mac and you use i Tunes a lot, then the most common problem you're going to face is that your videos won't be able to play.

In case the codec bundle comes with an installer just run the installation assistant and, if requested, reboot your computer.

If no installer is available then you should know that any codec you may need should be placed inside the folder /Library/Quick Time.

Follow the instructions given in the article and use Intel SOFTWARE Partner Reginout to fix the problem permanently.This may also happen when you attempt to work with another player like VLC Media Player or KM Player and want to play the MOV file.The header of a MOV file contains significant information like date, last adjustment of the file size etc.Otherwise the server containing Flash resources might be down.Quick Time Player fails to play certain files and shows an error message.

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