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In mid 2014, we launched with one truck in Los Angeles, and we’ve since added two more, in New York City and Atlanta.

We serve actors, businesses, couples, families and pets at scheduled locations and deliver the shots digitally [www]. The cost for an individual is from 0 to 0, depending on the city and the number of looks [combinations of outfits and backdrops].

PROFILEWHO: William Harper, 32 (interviewed), and Brian Confer, 37WHERE: Los Angeles, Calif.

WHAT: Co-founders, the Headshot Truck Tell us about the Headshot Truck. We provide our clients with efficient, affordable and stellar headshots.

It hasn't worried about competing with other versions of the story, it's integrated itself, taking from the source material to make its own tale.

The Johnny Cash that Joaquin Phoenix played was apparently never unfaithful to his wife, despite thinking about it once.

It’s so frustrating that people keep showing up…and there are so many comments on all of the vlogs where fans say how messed up it all is, yet it keeps happening. He works so hard on his vlogs and they always turn out really good, some are better than others but that’s normal.Read more on ESPN (blog) Health expo exercises mind, body and soles Participant run a 5K during the Fall Into Fitness Health & Wellness Expo Saturday Nov. Quick: Name one of the 11 candidates vying to unseat Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti in the mayoral primary March 7. If Garcetti fails to capture more than 50 percent of the vote — triggering a runoff ahead of the general election May 16 — it would be a shock of Trumpian proportions to the city and Hollywood, with Steven Spielberg, Jeffrey Katzenberg and J. Abrams among those who’ve donated to his campaign.“I really feel like Hollywood has been a central part of this administration,” says the 46-year-old Garcetti, who considers both Jenji Kohan and Jill Soloway close friends. 14 interview at a Koreatown coffee shop, where he touted a number of his accomplishments, not least of which was convincing state lawmakers to triple annual funding for California film and TV tax credits to 0 million.You're right about him getting rid of the set upload days.none of the squad owes us anything, well like they do owe us videos because it is their job and that’s why we’re all here, but they don’t have to explain or apologize for everything. Zane can be a hot mess, and he doesn’t make it any easier for himself when he makes excuses…because it is never too late to post a video, someone’s always awake somewhere.

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