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She keeps trying though and, perhaps one day, she will get her mojo back. Jones – Starred as the sarcastic, wise-cracking son of single father, Jon Cryer, who lives with his uncle (and Cryer’s brother), Charlie Sheen in the popular comedy, Two and a Half Men.He became the most highly paid child actor at the age of 17, earning 0,000 per episode for 26 episodes.

Until then, the Diffys are stuck in the early 21st Century (what they consider the past) and trying to fit in.

Danica Mc Kellar – Winnie of The Wonder Years appears to be a winner at transitioning from child actress to adult actress—not to mention author of several books on the joys of math for middle and high schoolers and film director and writer.

Her parents’ emphasis on education (she graduated from UCLA summa cum laude) and studies of mathematics helped keep this girl’s head straight.

is an HBO sketch comedy series starring actress-comedian Tracey Ullman.

The show ran for four seasons, and won multiple awards.

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