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In order to be reunited with her true love, a young woman forced to live in a convent must resist seduction by her lesbian cellmate, endure the deranged tortures of the Inquisition, and escape from a madhouse within the convent walls.For more about The Sinful Nuns of Saint Valentine and the The Sinful Nuns of Saint Valentine Blu-ray release, see the The Sinful Nuns of Saint Valentine Blu-ray Review published by What a title, right? Valentine doesn't quite live up to its kinky promise. (Protestants have no direct equivalent, but imagine fantasizing about your Sunday School teacher.) In the better examples of the genre, there's also usually an element of social criticism involved, by way of satirical jabs at the capital-C-Church and its perceived tyrannies. The Mother Superior at the convent of Archangel is seriously ill.The determined and calculating Mother Giulia plots to become the next Mother Superior. See full summary » Convent of Sinners is the story of Susanna, a young girl who is raped by her own father and sent to a convent for her sins, where she falls in love with a priest. See full summary » Sister Virginia de Leyva becomes the new Mother Superior at the convent of Monza.Our hero, Esteban (Paolo Malco)with a goofy pageboy haircutis introduced fleeing from soldiers of the Inquisition, having been unjustly marked as a heretic and murderer, for reasons we'll eventually understand.After being shot in the shoulder, falling off his horse, and engaging his pursuers in a clumsily choreographed sword fight, Esteban manages to escape through the woods and holes up in the St.

A brief, unholy meditation on '70s-'80s era nunsploitation.

This was a very good movie with a good plot, like Flavia the Heritic.

In the sixteenth century, two Spanish lovers are divided by the rivalry of their families.

There is not a lot of nudity, but some very nice full frontal, never graphic.

Not very bloody but yet plenty of red stains the screen.

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