Internet dating for athiests

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There are gorgeous locals, tourists looking for a good time, But just how many dongs will go into places where a condom is necessary?The IOC estimated it at somewhere around 450,000, so they ordered up that many condoms, and have people like Eric going around the games just handing out rubbers, wishing people a pleasant evening, and going on his way.Sometimes you don’t know if a woman takes her new husband’s last name. Wyc Grousbeck’s wife Emilia Fazzalari strikes me as the type to keep her last name. The local Boston media took notice in January when they snapped pictures of them together at the games.The Boston Globe published short posts about the engagement and the marriage.(Continue reading here) While on vacation in Bora Bora, Justin Bieber decided to go for a naked swim, and as luck would have it, a paparazzo took photos of his birthday suit.(View them here) English footballer Ashley Cain is a winger currently playing for Midland Football League Premier Division side Coventry Sphinx, but you may know him better for his appearance on MTV UK’s series Ex on the Beach.Lance was formerly one of the highest earning athletes in the world, regularly earning up to million per year from endorsements and prize money.For several years of his retirement, before his scandals really exploded, Lance continued to earn roughly million per year from speaking engagements, public appearance fees and sponsorships.

(View the pics here) Naked pictures of WWE wrestlers Seth Rollins and WWE model Zahra Schreiber surfaced on several social media accounts in February, in what appears to be a hack followed by a revenge post from Rollins’ scorned lover.

In fact, his 10 year-old son Hunter called him while he was in spring training and complained about his Mom.

Jim then decided to quit…Chris Buescher’s girlfriend Emma Helton enjoys a good ride in the dirt. Emma owns a Polaris, and it is receiving an upgrade from Chris and a fabrication shop. Emma also has another activity that she…Cody Garbrandt’s girlfriend Danny Pimsanguan became engaged to the tough young hunk in April.

Celebs and athletes helped quench our thirst all year with more ass and ‘D’ than most of us were equipped to handle.

We have listed some of our favorite NSFW moments from 2015 below, just in case you happened to miss them or in case you needed a quick reminder. Lenny Kravitz treated his Swedish fans to the worst (or best) wardrobe malfunction of all-time when his leather pants ripped completely open onstage, and his junk fell out.

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