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RId IM/RCMI Newsletter (ISSN 0360-8727) was published from 1975 to 1997, to provide information about current research in the filed of music iconography.

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As a foreigner in Germany, I was initially perplexed a phrase I heard frequently: literally, “It’s pulling.” When I used my dictionary, I found that this is also an idiom: “There’s a draft.” Typical scenario: It’s a hot, humid summer day. “ I’ll catch a cold.” While I was in the hospital with my broken ankle, a nurse reprimanded me for opening the window on a warm afternoon. In the United States, doctors believe that colds are caused by viruses.” “Well, of course viruses have something to do with it, too. You’ll get sick; you’ll see.” I realized that arguing with her would be like trying to discuss evolutionary theory with a Southern Baptist, so I shrugged and closed the window. “If you take home flowers from the hospital, you’ll be back within a week. The weird thing about this whole draft business is that while Germans are terrified of drafts, they are also big fans of “fresh air.” They sleep with their windows open in the middle of winter.ABSTRACTS OF PAPERS The Byzantine Studies Conference is an annual forum for the presentation and discussion of papers embodying current research on all aspects of Byzantine history and culture. 1-5) is available only in single copies costing .50 each. Orders must be prepaid (an checks payable to the Byzantine Studies Conference) and sent to: Byzantine Studies Conference c/o Dumbarton Oaks 1703 32nd Street, N. The unnamed asty or polis of the Miracles is Amaseia rather than Euchaita. Euchaita was a small polisma granted the status of a city by Anastasios I, who also established a bishopric there.The Abstracts of Papers is printed from camera- ready copy supplied by the speakers. Copies of the Abstracts are presented to each participant paying the General Registration fee, and they are also available for purchase by other interested persons and libraries. Its history is unknown until the 880s when Photios appointed his favorite, Theodore Santabarenos, metropolitan of Euchaita. Theodore, concluding that Euchaita survived during the Byzantine "Dark Age." I would like to make some corrections to his thesis: 1.Theodore and changed the name "Euchaneia" to Theodoropolis.

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