Lutz and nikki reed dating

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“My greatest fear is going back to where I was in 2002 when I didn’t have a record deal and I was very fat. A pie is a real treat now but whenever I go to my mum’s I always request chicken pie.” He also admits to still having a weakness for another childhood staple and an appropriate side dish for his fave meal: new potatoes drenched in melted butter.

"I don’t want to use the ‘F’ word but I am going to have to because I was,” says the 46-year-old who admits that as a result he and wife of 17 years Dawn Andrews have to watch the calories these days.“Dawn and I are pretty strict with our own eating.” Of his fondest foodie memories from his Cheshire childhood, he rather appropriately tells Good Food magazine: “Friday was the night I looked forward to most because there was no school for two days and we had chicken pie. Might we suggest it’s probably best that Gary’s mum Marge doesn’t still live with him!

She was constantly praised and admired for her beauty, making her vain and self-centered.

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In 1933, during the Great Depression, her father kept the family wealthy with his job as a banker.

"The only time Alec Baldwin ever yelled at me was about one of the producers who worked with the financier.” Alec, 59, then hit back: “And Hollywood producers like Brunetti never do anything shady or unethical?

"I was told she was 16 by her hairdresser – at the end of the shoot.” Dana branded him both a liar and an idiot.

'I didn't recognise myself,' said Nikki, who has since ditched takeaways, booze and a 20-a-day smoking habit for twice daily workouts and a protein-rich diet.

Nikki, who is a self-confessed yo-yo dieter, can now deadlift an impressive 100 kilograms, and is a size six and 8st 1lb.'I train twice a day, six times a week and I'm down to 10 per cent body fat,' said Nikki, who now enters bodybuilding competitions.

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