Who is busy philipps dating

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The 36-year-old mother-of-one couldn't help but gush about her pal on Sunday night at a special screening for her latest film, Manchester by the Sea, at the Crosby Street Hotel in New York City.

Busy, 37, frequently walks the red carpet with Michelle, and for this particular occasion the mother-of-two flew to New York from her home in Los Angeles to support her fellow actor and longtime friend at the screening.

which is wildly appropriate since this town is the natural habitat for over-tanned, under-dressed divorcées prowling for younger men.

But Busy had a really scary Uber experience with her husband on Saturday night, and we’re so glad they’re okay. According to Busy, “I said to my husband, ‘Oh, that guy was weird. '” The couple was horrified to hear a voice from the back of the car that said, “I promise that won’t happen.” Understandably terrified, Busy was in a state of panic, later recounting the experience for her followers.The fact-free report, published earlier Tuesday by Radar Online, claimed that the two stars enjoyed a romantic evening at a Los Angeles nightclub last week.A so-called “source” told the website that Gyllenhaal and the beauty “left the venue through separate exits…Maybe one day Gaga and Kinney will get there and they can double date with their future significant others — but for now, Gaga's totally in her right to pass on a party for Kinney's future romances.hunk assures us the allegation is absolutely not true.

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