Underwear fetish dating sites

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‘The idea of getting easy money with something I already have [the ability to have sex, and the ability to entertain someone] made me interested.

‘I don’t come from a rich family so I was interested in getting money quickly and easily.’ Through the sites she appeared on, she made arrangements with sugar daddies to spend time with them in exchange for monthly allowances of around £1,000 – and sometimes she’d come away from her liaisons with gifts too.

Stacey adds that she is happy to reject any clients that make her feel uneasy.

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We talk briefly about how our lives are going, but nothing too personal.“No one knows that I sell used underwear.‘I’ve slept with people for money and I’ve been on dates with disgusting guys and put myself at risk just so I could have dinner and some leftovers for the next day.’ These are the harrowing words of a female first-year student describing the extraordinary lengths she went to in order to pay her way at university.She found herself turning to ‘sugaring’ websites, which mostly introduce older wealthy men willing to lavish expensive gifts and cash to young women in return for company and often – but not always – sex.These are the findings of the Save the Student website’s annual survey, which also discovered six per cent of the more than 2,000 students it spoke to had sold their bodies to help make ends meet – either by engaging in sexual activity or by taking part in medical trials.The 19-year-old philosophy student said she first heard about ‘sugar dating’ on a blogging site.

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