Questions to ask a church when candidating

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Please have your board or search committee complete the following application and you will be given serious consideration in the process of submitting resumes. What event has shaped your church most in the last ten years? How would you estimate the potential for reaching the unchurched there in the future?

Please answer all questions thoroughly and with total frankness.

I don’t know exactly how pastors became applicants who are running to compete in a selection process, but the idea of a four-hour employee application bugs me. It’s for a church to complete when they are competing to get me to come. Or, will you interview a variety of candidates, hearing several before you decide which one to recommend? How would you typify the worship style of your congregation? Over the last five years or so, when people have left your church, what did they say was the reason? By Keith Drury, You are free to transmit, duplicate or distribute this article for non-profit use without permission.

I think I’ll insist their board or search committee complete it before I consider sending my resume. What is the total amount of your present indebtedness? (Place an X on the continuum) Formal & orderly ______________________________________________Free and informal. How many people are weekly involved in organized scheduled outreach to the poor or the unchurched? How many converts would you say your church has seen in the last year? How would you typify the way your church treats visitors ? Describe your community in a short paragraph (population, prominent employers, general atmosphere and attitude. The church may do all of the following things, but all of them cannot take priority. What do you believe to be the most pressing need in your community right now? Describe the largest church in your community or surrounding area.

Knowing, generally, what to expect when you are candidating will help you prepare better for the experience.

The following steps will give you an idea of how churches go about hiring ordained staff (individual experience may vary): Pray: A theme throughout this handbook has been that prayer should be the foundation of any endeavor, no less so when you are journeying to find God’s will for your career.

”I stammered something about ‘this candidate’ being sufficiently self-motivated and entirely adequate in meeting deadlines, and also that he usually had clean ears.

Check.) The conversation went something like this:“What were some of the duties assigned to this candidate, and how well did he complete these tasks?

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Preparation: Make sure that you are prepared for the candidating process. Brandon Crowe and others at Westminster are also great resources that you should take advantage of.

Candidating is as much about you evaluating the church as it is about the church evaluating you.

For that reason, this chapter contains information on what types of questions you should ask of the church as well as factors to consider before accepting an offer.

We are all supposed to be flattered that we are getting a break to be considered. I heard of at least two churches this Spring who are insisting Pastoral applicants complete an exhaustive application along with their resume. What percentage of your church families would you estimate tithe their income locally? What is the make-up of your membership ___Children ___Youth ___Young Adults ___Adults ___Middle-Aged ___Seniors J. divorce, alcohol, tobacco, materialism, or others, which a pastor would need to use care in preaching about? Describe how your pastoral selection process’ works. What kind of programs beyond worship for all ages does your church presently have in place? What style of leadership typifies the desire of your church? What are the five biggest changes you would like to see happen in your church? Recent special speaker who visited your church (name and telephone number) Thank you for completing this application.

Well, at least it’s mating season in the independent churches and free enterprise denominations. One candidate complained it took four hours to complete the questions. What are your attendance patterns at meeting other than morning worship? Will you interview only one person at a time, taking that person all the way to a vote for acceptance or rejection before initiating another interview? (Place an x on the following continuum.) Board leads ______________________________________________________Pastor leads Q. Be assured that your application will be given prayerful consideration and should we wish to pursue further discussion you will be contacted.

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