The gridview gridview1 fired event rowupdating which wasnt handled lesbian online dating sites ct

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I need to do the Select and Edit in the code behind because I have to change schema prefix in the sql statement depending on the current user.

I have the data grid and I have event handlers for edit and cancel but an odd thing happes: I have to click the Edit link twice for it to work and I need to click the Cancel link twice for it to work (the first postback does call my funcs but does not have any effect on how the grid looks -- I have to click ...

So I'm taking a few minutes - for my own sake - to write this stuff down so I can look it up next time I have a brain fart Using a Button Field you can specify a Command Name which in turn provides the On Row Command event some context as to what type of operation you are dealing with in Code Behind.

In Code Behind you have to do a bit of work though if you want to retrieve the proper context from a Data Item.

the gridview gridview1 fired event rowupdating which wasnt handled-12

the gridview gridview1 fired event rowupdating which wasnt handled-76

The typical scenario might be a list where you can toggle certain options or where you can fire an operation that otherwise updates the data that's underlying the grid.Tabi birde Veritabanı yönetim sisteminizde Northwind veri tabanı olduğunu varsayıyoruz. Bu örneğimde Details View kontrolünde listelenmiş olan çalışan verilerini güncellemeyi göstereceğim. Click the button below this post to show your appreciation! Publications From subject In my Literature Catalogue.

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