Dating early american pottery

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As such, early pieces might show some wear or have minor damage due to everyday use.

Due to firing techniques and kiln conditions, early pieces may have kiln imperfections and touch marks also.

This site will predominantly feature American Stoneware from the late 18th century to mid 19th century, primarily offering pieces from New York, New Jersey and New England.

Specializing in New York State Capital District pieces.

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1939, watercolor and gouache on paperboard, Index of American Design, 1943.8.8006 Earthenware pottery is distinct from porcelain in that it is made from a coarse, iron-bearing clay.

With a basic knowledge of clay color and texture and bottom markings, approximate dating of Van Briggle Pottery can easily be determined.

Since the majority of collectors are interested in dating early examples of Van Briggle this discussion will focus on dating examples from the 1920s and earlier.

Although most redware was produced strictly for utilitarian purposes, colonial potters would frequently put decorative designs on their products.

On this jar, "1765" has been painted boldly in cream-colored slip.

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