Validating with login server

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It's possible to use the plugin with a form which is placed inside a Bootstrap Modal.

By default, the plugin will not initialize the fields which are disabled, hidden, or not visible.

VA Suite components provide a flexible and robust certificate validation solution for both standard and custom desktop and server applications.

They can be used together or, leveraging open standards, integrated with existing solutions using OCSP or SCVP (RFC 5055).

The method will return a boolean value indicating whether the validation succeeded or not.

You may configure these error messages like configuring other properties of validators in a validation rule.

Validation rules are defined by setting attributes on the fields of a Model class, like this: that come with it.

We also use a few additional components that are not part of the standard Bootstrap component set, such as a datepicker and timepicker control.

A special kind of Partial Views are Display Templates and Editor Templates. Templates are defined as normal Views that are placed in a subfolder “Display Templates” and “Editor Templates” under any View folder, (such as Views\Shared or a specific folder where you want to use these templates).

These templates can be applied automatically every time you want to display (or edit) a specific data type or Model, using the Html. MVC has built-in templates for standard data types such as strings, but it is possible to override these and add templates for custom types.

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